Performance Review Phrases for Customer Satisfaction

How is employee performance related to customer satisfaction?  Customer satisfaction is defined as ” a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation”.  In order to determine whether your employee is meeting this specific core compentency you will probably need to visit with your customers to determine the level of performance they are receiving from the employee.

Some positive free performance appraisal phrases for Customer Satisfaction might be:

Terry continues to work well with his customers and exceed customer expectations.

Terry is always looking for ways to improve the customers products or experience.

Terry treats his customers with respect and is always looking for ideas to better their processes.

Terry is valued and respected by his customers.

Terry’s customers perceive him to be the go to person for all of their business needs.

Terry listens to his clients and is able to prepare accurate solutions and recommendations for their needs.

Some  negative performance review phrases for Customer Satisfaction might be:

Terry is not very comfortable working with his customers on their issues and problems.

Terry’s customers are not comfortable with the recommendations he makes for their business needs.

Terry isn’t able to resolve customer issues without supervision or help from others.

Terry has received customer complaints regarding the way he handles business issues.

Terry loses patience with his customers when they are not sure what they want.

In order to create development goals for people in a role where customer satisfication is involved, it is going to be important to understand the team members clients as well. The team member will need to be able to put on different hats for different clients in order to please them.   The team member will need to know that every client is different and the way they handle each client should be different as well.

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