Performance Review Phrases for Goal Setting

Goal setting to me is the only way for anybody to reach something that seems out of their reach right now.   For employees though, sometimes they need help in identifying what their goals should be.  This is where as managers we need to set some goals for them and also empower them to set their own personal goals as well.   I think managers should have goal setting as part of their performance review objectives so most of the performance review phrases I have here for this will relate more to people in a management role and that are responsible for setting metrics for their team members.  Goal setting can be productivity goals like make X amount of sales calls a month, or bring in X dollars of revenue.  Or goal setting can simply be learn more on a topic or process within your business or organization.  Think about the role of the employee and how goal setting can apply to them.

Some positive performance review phrases for Goal Setting might be:

Terry ensures his staff understand their job responsibilities and holds them accountable for them

Terry clearly communicates to his team members their objectives and what is expected from them

Terry consistently shares his feedback with his staff regarding their progress

Terry holds himself accountable for his team’s performance objectives and goals

Terry sets clear and measurable performance expectations

Some negative performance review phrases for Goal Setting might be:

Terry doesn’t always give information to his staff to ensure they are successful with their tasks

Terry fails to achieve the goals because he doesn’t delegate to his staff effectively

Terry gets distracted and doesn’t reach his goals/objectives

Terry will blame others for missed deadlines and objectives

Terry sets goals that sometimes are not achievable

Part of a managers job is to set the expectations, follow up on them and provide feedback  early (not at the yearly review) when goals / objectives are missed.  Meet with your staff regularly and consistently communicate to them whether they are meeting the mark or need improvement on the goals that they had set.  It is also possible that they need your help to achieve them, so be open to hearing the reasons they are missing their goals.

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