Performance Review Phrases for Leadership

Performance Review Phrases for Leadership can have a wide range of scope. Leadership is a core competency that can be discussed in great detail and in great depth depending on the role.  Leadership can mean many different things and is a valuable characteristic to have in your employees.  We will take a look at several leadership role examples and some key phrases that could be used to evaluate your employees performance. You do not have the role of a management position to need leadership skills on your employees performance review. Leadership phrases are different than your average employee phrases, these should be geared toward how the person is viewed and responded to in their day to day job responsibilities.

Some positive performance review phrases for leadership skills:

Terry protects and takes ownership of team failures

Terry is a key player on the team and is looked to for guidance and experience by less skilled team members

Terry leads by example

Terry looks for improvements for the employees above his own

Terry provides vision for goals and direction of the team

Terry sets high standards and has a great work ethic

Terry listens to the team and their issues actively

Terry is well trusted and respected with the team and throughout the organization

Terry recognizes employees achievements

Some negative performance review phrases for leadership could be:

Terry rarely shows appreciation for jobs done well within his team

Terry sets unrealistic goals for his team

Terry uses his title to intimidate others

Terry doesn’t recognize the teams achievements

Terry fails to plan for future needs of the team

Terry plays favorites among the group

Terry blames his team for project or work failures

Terry doesn’t properly coach and mentor his team, leaving them to sink or swim on certain tasks

If you have other suggestions or more key performance review phrases  for this core competency that might help people give performance reviews please comment to this post..

Immediate Resources for you:

Performance Review Software

Instant Access to an excel spreadsheet with tons of performance review phrases

Amazon Books we recommend (some with ebooks available)

Performance Review Templates – immediately downloadable

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