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Having trouble finding a performance review phrases for accountability?

Let’s define what it is and go from there.

Definition of Accountability: The fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility

Accountability is a very subjective core competency.  It can be that the person is always making excuses for why their work is sub-par.  Blaming others for their mistakes or shortcomings is another great way to spot someone who will not be held accountable.  Finding a key performance review phrase to describe a person’s lack of accountability can be difficult.

There are several types of accountability you can discuss, is it ethical accountability?  Is the employee not holding the principles and the values of the team or the company?

There can be Administrative accountability Is the employee not following the rules within the organization or not adhering to department standards? Whatever the accountability problem is can be also combated with setting SMART objectives for this type of employee.  These are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time (SMART).  Be very specific with what they are required to do, make them measurable and achievable, realistic and give them a timeframe to complete.  This will be met sometimes with an employee who will make excuses for why they didn’t do the SMART objective, but you are also going to check in with this person periodically to measure progress.

In order to use the performance review phrases below, try and think of a time when the employee wasn’t being accountable? The best way to talk about it in the review is to site an example.  Being accountable for ones actions is adults.  Here are a few key performance review phrases, both positive and negative..

Some positive performance review phrases for Accountability might be:

Terry is always willing to take responsibility for his teams actions and work results

Terry is very good at recognizing his mistakes and holds himself responsible for the outcome

Terry understands the responsibilities of his role and ownership of his tasks and deadlines

Terry is willing to accept constructive feedback and works hard to own his own personal weaknesses.

Some negative performance review phrases for Accountability might be:

Terry is always blaming other teams or team members for items that he should be responsible for

Terry is quick to point fingers in heated situations

Terry always has excuses for why his work is not delivered on time

Terry makes excuses when it comes to the quality of his work (blames internal processes and procedures for his failures)

Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

You are going to have to come up with a performance review phrases to tell them exactly where they have not taken responsibility for their work, but you are also going to have to be very careful and make sure you are doing your part to manage this type of employee.

Accountability is difficult to measure and hard to understand why people don’t just own up to their mistakes and do the work that you are asking them to do.  To combat this behavior, a way you can develop this skill is to have the team member think through any “hurdles or challenges” of the task when it is assigned and lay out a plan to reduce the excuses they are giving.  If the excuse is already identified prior to the task it will be harder for the person to blame the failure on that particular hurdle and will make the person more accountable for how the task ended.

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