Performance Review Phrases for Communication

Communication is key to any job role and should be measured on almost all performance appraisals, unless you are on a operation line and don’t have to speak to anybody either verbally or in a written format.  Communication between a manager and the employee is the key to a successful working relationship.

Some positive free performance appraisal phrases for communication might be:

Terry always communicates well in both written and verbal formats.

Terry communicates well across all levels of the organization.

Terry communicates his status on his assignments in a timely manner to management.

Terry communicates well with all members of the team.

Terry speaks intelligently in front of his peers and team members.

Some negative performance review phrases for communication might be:

Terry doesn’t communicate when his projects or tasks are behind.

Terry doesn’t speak well in front of people.

Terry doesn’t communicate well in email format.

Terry message is sometimes mistaken due to the lack of communication skills.

Terry doesn’t communicate well with the other members of the team.

Immediate Resources for you:

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