Performance Review Phrases for Managers

Measuring a managers performance is somewhat more complicated than just a worker bee.  There are so many other levels that have to be considered.  As with the employee’s competencies the managers must have those as well as additional competencies for the management position.

Some positive performance review phrases for Managers could be:

Terry engages his staff in discussion regarding issues and solutions

Terry uses situational leadership to determine the best way to get the most out of the team

Terry has a vision of how he wants his department to run and conveys it appropriately to the team

Terry encourages communication (both positive and negative) within the team

Terry can effectively manage and allocate the resources on his team

Terry is effective when it comes to providing feedback to his team

Some negative performance review phrases for Managers could be:

Terry takes over the teams tasks rather than coaching them through the issues

Terry doesn’t encourage communication with his team

Terry doesn’t provide any feedback to his team

Terry doesn’t consider others ideas or solutions when approaching a problem

Sometimes managers are promoted to positions because they are great at being the “task doer”.  Unfortunately a great task doer doesn’t always make a great manager.  Sometimes just providing feedback to them on their behavior is enough to get them on the right track. Remember you are their manager – so use your managerial skills to get them on track by providing coaching and mentoring their weaknesses.

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