Performance Review Phrases for Productivity


Do you need a performance review phrases for productivity for your employees?

Is the employee productive and able to complete all of their tasks or work assignments completely?  Do they produce results and are driven by peak performance?  That is great!  Or do you have someone that is just not able to perform or be productive in the role they are assigned.  Either way you should find a performance review phrase for productivity here that can help you effectively describe their work productivity and help establish some development opportunities to get them up to speed.

Positive performance review phrases for productivity:

Terry consistently contributes to the team and is an outstanding performer

Terry always maintains high performance and is extremely productive

Terry’s work is produced fast and accurate

Terry puts out high quality work in his given timelines or before

Terry delivers quality work in short time frames

Terry reliably produces exceptional results

Terry performance at a level beyond his current job expections

Terry’s is always productive and gets his work done on time

Some negative performance review phrases for productivity:

Terry doesn’t meet his timelines or his task assignment deadlines

Terry’s work is always behind and of poor quality

Terry is underperforming in his work assignments

Terry doesn’t produce the desired results in the timeframe he is given

Terry is consistently behind in the normal expectations for his job

Terry needs to produce more “widgets”

Terry doesn’t perform at a level that meets the minimum requirements for his role

Terry’s work productivity is far below the minimum for the job requirements

Ok, let’s discuss some points about the performance review phrases for productivity:

First if you haven’t set an expectation for what the minimum productivity requirements are for the employee’s job role, it is going to be very difficult to stand up to any of the negative performance review phrases for productivity.  You have to be fair and set the expectation so that when they don’t meet the minimum you can speak to it in BLACK and WHITE.  They either do or the don’t.

That is your role in defining the metrics.  However if you have set these guidelines for work productivity and the team members know exactly what is expected, then they need to be told they are measuring up.  Again, these performance review phrases aren’t intended to be “canned’ but intended to provoke some thoughts on how this applies to their productivity in the employee’s job description.

If you have someone that is under performing and isn’t productive it could mean they don’t have enough assignments, or that they don’t like what they are doing or they could be burned out.   Setting the goals up front is key for this core competency because it lays the groundwork for determining effectiveness and productivity.

If your measure is that Terry needs to produce 60 widgets a day, or make 5 new business contacts, etc.  These are measurable and can be proven either good or bad.

Some employee roles are not BLACK and WHITE and are going to be a little more grey and require a little more explanation, but I would challenge you to try and make productivity requirements measurable otherwise it will be your word against theirs on this job competency.

An example of an area that is black in white in my organization is writing code, how do you measure productivity in that capacity? It’s not that they produce 1000 lines of code, you have to consider the quality of the code, whether or not it meets the standards, etc. So, things are not always black and white, and unfortunately this one is tough.  Having conversations with the employee and setting the expectations will be key in determining how productive they are.

So, as you can see performance review phrases for productivity may not be so easy to come up with and yes, you will have to think a little bit.

My development opportunity for this one will be for the manager to define the expectation and the employee to work with the manager to recognize the expectations and deliver on those expectations.  It will be up to the manager to monitor the progress and seek feedback on why the job might not be getting done.

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