Performance Review Phrases for Team Cooperation

Team Cooperation is a key performance factor with any job, unless you have a job that doesn’t require you to interact with anybody.

Some positive performance appraisal phrases for team cooperation might be:

Terry works well with the team and enjoys working within the team

Terry continues to bring out the best in team members and works well with their strengths & weaknesses

Terry communicates well with all members of the team.

Terry treats people with respect and values input from the other team members

Terry resolves team conflict effectively by taking everyone’s feelings into consideration.

Some negative performance review phrases for team cooperation might be:

Terry would rather work alone than within the team environment.
Terry doesn’t share information appropriately to the other staff members.
Terry takes the glory for other teammates work.
Terry doesn’t consider other opposing viewpoints when coming up with solutions or resolutions.
If you have a team member that doesn’t cooperate within the team, it can be like a plague.  The best thing to do is to confront the team member with this feedback, before they lose all respect of the other team members.  Force the employee to work on a team assignment and monitor progress. I hope these performance review phrases, will help invoke your thoughts on how this person works within the team and how to appropriately deal with ineffective team cooperation.
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