Performance Review Phrases for Relationship Building

In certain job roles, building relationships is just as important as the work itself.  Some roles where relationships are important are Sales, Marketing, and Training.  The performance review phrases for this competency can be tricky because you will need to get input probably from vendors, customers or others within a department to truly assess the relationships that are being built by the employee and the ones that they come directly in contact with.

Some positive performance review phrases for this competency could include:

Terry builds and maintains positive lasting relationships with the people he is involved with

Terry is able to build relationships with his business partners or customers

Terry works hard to build lasting and valuable relationships with members of the team

Terry maintains his existing relationships as well as builds new ones with all levels of the organization

Terry maintains relationships even in difficult situations

Some negative performance review phrases for this competency could include:

Terry has a difficult time building relationships with people he is required to interact with daily

Terry has a hard time maintaining relationships with teams within the organization

Terry ineffectively manages relationships with coworkers and business partners

Terry doesn’t handle difficult relationships well and tends to get into confrontational situations (Be sure to back this up with examples)

Some clear goals or opportunities for this competency could be to have the employee work with a peer who has relationships with customers and has a knack for keeping them.  The organization doesn’t want to lose customers or lose the credibility of the department so this competency is important if you interact daily with the same people every day or are required to seek out new business partners or clients.  Pairing a person with someone who excels in this area would be the best way for the employee to see this skill in action.

Immediate Resources for you:

Performance Review Software

Instant Access to downloadable performance review phrases

Amazon Books we recommend (some with ebooks available)

Performance Review Templates – immediately downloadable

If you have other suggestions or more key performance review phrases  for this core competency that might help people give performance reviews please comment to this post..the more the merrier
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