Performance Review Phrases for Reliability

Every performance appraisal typically has a place for the Reliability or Dependability core competency and performance review phrases for this can be a challenge.  It is a quality every manager wants in their employees.  The definition for reliable is dependable.  You could use either word interchangeably.  Reliability means that you can depend on this person to do what they say they are going to do (or not), and rely on them to do what you need them to.  Here are some powerful performance review phrases that can be used while evaluating most any job title.  Another topic or section within the reliable/dependable category is attendance and tardiness, we will cover those in this core competency because if the workers are absent or habitually late, they generally are not reliable or dependable.

Some positive performance appraisal phrases could be:

Terry can be relied on to be punctual and present on his scheduled work days

Terry is always available and willing to work overtime or when he is not scheduled to

Terry will take on other peoples shifts when necessary

Terry continues to be a reliable member of the team

Terry gives proper advance notification to management when he will need to be out of the office

You can list here the number of absences or lack of absences from work in this section, if you feel the need to get that specific

Terry is rarely late to work and when he is he calls in advance letting management know

Some negative phrases for this competency could be:

Terry is consistently late to work and doesn’t inform management prior to being tardy

Terry tends to wander from his desk during work hours

Terry strictly adheres to his work hours and rarely volunteers for overtime or extra work

Terry spends too much time during the work day handling personal business

Terry is frequently late to meetings or comes unprepared

Terry continuously calls in sick or late to work, he has exhausted all his time off

Terry cannot be relied on to get this work tasks done in a timely manner.

To help combat the reliability and dependability issues if there are some, you should make sure to keep an eye on the time available, and let them know whatever your company’s policy is on depleting the time.  You should sit down with habitually late or absent employees and review the attendance policy.  If you don’t have one, create one and make them adhere to it.

If the attendance part of dependability isn’t the issue, and the employee just isn’t reliable to get the work done, you will need to take action steps and schedule regular check in’s to either get them productive or document the case for letting them go.

Managers love reliable employees…without them, you have to consistently stay on top of filling their absences or doing their work for them.   As an added performance review tip – a word of caution, we as managers don’t always know what goes on in people’s personal lives, and sometimes there are extreme circumstances.  You know in your heart if you have a person who is just manipulating your kindness or truly has some personal issues that are getting in the way of them being dependable.

Employee Evaluations are hard and sometimes they can wind up being like a counseling session, but they are necessary to get the root of employee performance issue and recognize those employees who are reliable and make your life easier.

Immediate Resources for you:

Performance Review Software

Instant Access to an excel spreadsheet with tons of performance review phrases

Amazon Books we recommend (some with ebooks available)

Performance Review Templates – immediately downloadable

If you have other suggestions or more key performance review phrases  for this core competency that might help people give performance reviews please comment to this post..

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