Performance Review Feedback

Provide Immediate Performance Review Feedback

I wanted to post this morning about performance review feedback.  Most managers do not provide enough immediate feedback to employees.  By immediate I mean to provide the feedback good or bad to the employee in the moment and not waiting until the formal review process to address issues or award accomplishments.  We all get busy in our management role, but providing performance feedback is crucial.  Periodically checking in (quarterly) is a good way to provide that feedback more timely than the annual review.  This ensures there are no surprises on the annual review where the merit increase is involved.

Asking for Performance Review Feedback

Also, ask for your performance feedback.  Don’t be so vain to think that you don’t have weaknesses and areas of improvement.  Asking your employee’s “What I can I do better” or “What can I do to help you grow” are easy to ask, but be ready to hear the answers.  Performance Review Feedback shouldn’t be a one-way street.   Growing together and learning how the other works is part of managing a team and getting the most out of your employees.

Recognition is another area that we fall short in, in management, it can be as simple as an email recognizing the employee’s effort on a given task to the other members of the team.  Recognize people’s successes or put a program in place to do so quarterly as well.

Provide negative performance feedback  followed with development opportunities or goals to help

Do not just provide negative feedback, provide the employee with alternatives or other ways they could have handled the situation or problem to have been successful.  Don’t just tell the employee that they didn’t do something right.  Be ready with solid examples of behaviors or incidents that could have been done better.

Providing performance review feedback – or job performance feedback early and often is one of the keys to helping your team grow as individuals and as a part of your team / organization.  Do not neglect the power of it by waiting until the formal review process to give it to them.

Never underestimate the power of working together for better performance.  You and your team deserve it.






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