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Do you need a performance review phrase for Communication?

In most companies communication is key to the success of many projects and tasks.  Whether it is communicating with customers, or internally communicating amongst the team, it is no doubt that if there is a communication failure things can go severely wrong.  Communication can be verbal, written or email.  Email seems to be a crucial part of today’s communication and proper etiquette of email and responsiveness can be measured and should be.

Some positive performance review phrases for Communication might be:

Terry is an excellent communicator to his customers and gets his point across in a manner they can understand

Terry is very diligent about following up with emails in a timely manner

Terry conveys his opinions and disagreements in a professional manner both orally and written communications

Terry communicates appropriately with team members of all levels

Some negative performance review phrases for Communication might be:

Terry has a hard time conveying his message in both written and email format

Terry doesn’t communicate well with team members

Terry doesn’t reply to email in a timely manner

Terry’s customers are confused by his emails or responses

Terry doesn’t communicate well via email and doesn’t use proper grammar and punctuation

Communication performance review phrases can be about email communication, verbal or written. Some team members might need training on the proper email etiquette.  performance review phrase

Communication is so important to so many job roles.  Without it, projects can fail, customers can be lost and companies can go down in flames.  Sit down with your employee or better yet, send them to training.  There are several really good classes on email etiquette and overall communication classes they can attend.  Sometimes this is a “learned” skill.  Preparing effective performance review phrases for communication will help the employee understand where they are NOT communicating effectively.  You will need to site examples or behavior of the bad communication and provide examples of how the communication could have been better.


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