Performance Review Phrases

Performance Review Phrases

Performance Review Phrases

If you are looking for Performance Review Phrases to motivate and inspire your employees to work harder for you during the next year, frankly there is more to it than just the performance review phrases.  The answer is simply this, prepare prior to having the employee sit with you.

Who am I to tell you about Performance Review Phrases?

I am a manager of staff just like you and every year we are required to do the dreaded performance appraisal.  Each year, I have a difficult time coming up with performance review phrases that will effectively convey the right message to the employee so that I am not considered to be “slamming” them and that I am providing them effective feedback to improve their skills and help them grow in their job and take them to the next level.  I value the appraisal process, but sometimes  need a little inspiration when it comes to the right performance review phrases to use. Don’t just use the canned performance review phrases listed on this website or any other for that matter, use these to provoke ideas and thought as it pertains to each individual and how a specific phrases or wording might motivate them or inspire them to work harder for you.

Before sitting down with the employee for their yearly evaluation, take time to consider what the Core Competencies are for the job or role they play within your company.

Define the job responsibilities within the Performance Review Phrases:

Within each of the core competencies there are specific performance review phrases that you can use to determine how well the employee performs for the specific area, and be able to provide examples within each competency for the rating your providing. On this site, you will find a positive performance review phrases and negative performance review phrases that you can use when you sit down with them, these are meant to provoke some thought in helping you prepare for the formal performance appraisal process.

Set the Expectations and define improvement opportunities for each Performance Review Phrase:

At the end of each post are action points that can be used to help improve the areas of weakness in each given area. Take the time to understand the employees core competencies and how the employee performs and measures. Each employee is different and has weakness and strengths that when rewarded or corrected can make them a better employee for you.

I hope this information is useful and helps you and your employee understand the roles of their job, and can help to make the formal review process easier.  Coming up with the right competencies and being able to provide effective performance review phrases is key to helping the employee stay on track and motivated for the upcoming year’s tasks.

Using the right Performance Review Phrases and taking the time to do the Performance Appraisals correctly giving the appropriate amount of thought and time for each employee being reviewed, can make a huge difference in their job performance.  I have given you plenty of resources to help the process, but to make the performance appraisal a success for both you and the employee, you will need to take some time and really think about each employee as you would want your boss to “review” your performance.

Consider also that you might need to hear some negative feedback and remember in order to grow as a team, you might need to make adjustments as well.

I believe that performance reviews and the performance review phrases and words that you use  can be effective if done correctly.  This site is not intended to replace the thought that needs to go into the review, but to help provoke your thoughts so that you can use  effective performance review phrases to work through performance challenges with your team.

Rating your staff and how well they are doing is a direct reflection on how you manage their performance.

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