Performance Review Phrases – Results oriented

What does results oriented mean to you? A good definition I recently found on the internet:

Balancing and satisfying the needs of all relevant stakeholders (this includes the people employed, customers, suppliers and society in general) as well as those with a financial interest in the organization to achieve excellence.

For me this means someone that is driven by the end result, wanting to do more and achieve something meaningful without you having to tell them what the desired results should be.

Some positive performance appraisals phrases for Results oriented might be:

Terry can readily identify the desired results without management’s input

Terry can see the big picture on his projects and works hard to achieve success

Terry always communicates his plans and desire for results within his work tasks

Terry proactively looks for ways to improve the team and his role within the team

Terry addresses problems that arise in a proactive manner

Some negative performance appraisals phrases for Results Oriented might be:

Terry constantly needs management input in regards to the results or end goals of the projects he is assigned

Terry doesn’t stay on top of repeat issues that are causing business disruption

Terry doesn’t communicate well his understanding of the tasks and the desired results

Terry has a hard time understanding what the results should be and asked to many questions of management

Terry does not appear to learn from repeat mistakes

If your team member is lacking “results orientation”, sometimes they just don’t have a desire to achieve results. And that is a sad fact that some people are there only for the paycheck and not there to truly understand and contribute to their role within your organization. If this is the case there aren’t many development opportunities that you can do for them. I would say that you shouldn’t give these types of people the power to take your team down. If you simply have a team member that “seems” to be lacking results orientation, but really has the desire but just needs some direction or planning around things that is different. Sit them down and find out whether or not the issue is with communication or if the issue is they need training on the particular tasks. Also, check in and provide feedback of where you felt that they should have stepped up and been more results oriented, providing examples of where they should have taken more initiative will help them understand what “Results Oriented” means to you, your team and the organization. Using appropriate performance review phrases to analyze results and provide feedback is critical.

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